Turn more video viewers into customers.

Adding a professional lead-generating video experience to your website has never been easier.

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Design your viewer's journey,
beat by beat

It's important to lead buyers viewing our videos on a path towards a specific end goal; whether that's ultimately for them to become a client, purchase a product, book a call, close a deal, or learn a new skill.

Andoto helps you tailor your video playback experience, keeping your viewers engaged and allowing you to accomplish more of your business objectives.

Automatic updates,
every time you upload

Your embedded video collections will always be kept up to date. Upload once, update everywhere –– all without writing a single line of code.


Trigger actions before, during, and after video playback

Customize the playback experience of your videos by controlling what happens when your viewers watch your videos.

Maybe you'd like a real-time notification in your Slack channel when a viewer begins watching a specific video. Or, you'd like your viewers to sign up for your newsletter before they get access to your collection.

Actions give you the flexibility to design and build the perfect experience for your audience.

Create a viewing experience
your users will Favourite

The truth is, most online video collections don't offer a great viewing experience. You're already making great videos. Why settle for sub-par playback?

Andoto gives you predictive search, filter by tags, player branding, themes, direct links to specific videos, auto-advance, and so much more.

It's your very own Netflix™-in-a-box.


Detailed access control and privacy settings

Protect your videos for paying members, restrict domain embeds, conditional video downloads, and more.


Seamlessly integrate
with your existing workflow

We're compatible with the most popular mailing providers. Connect your viewer info and activity to your mailing list, CRM, Slack, and more.


Advanced insights

Make data-driven decisions at the right time. We provide a detailed look at the performance of your videos and CTAs so you know exactly what is working. Prove the ROI with stats showing your numbers moving in the right direction.

Plans starting at $129/month

We'll take your video strategy to the next level



  • OkOne collection
  • OkPro Collection™ template
  • Ok25 video uploads
  • Ok100,000 playback minutes
  • OkBefore, during, and after video actions
  • OkCustom player branding
  • OkStandard reporting tools
  • OkThird-party integrations
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  • OkCreate up to 3 collections
  • OkPremium Collection™ templates
  • Ok100 video uploads
  • Ok250,000 playback minutes
  • OkBefore, during, and after video actions
  • OkEnable video downloads
  • OkAutomatic transcriptions
  • OkAdvanced reporting tools
  • OkCustom player branding
  • OkThird-party integrations
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  • OkHand-crafted plan designed for your business
  • OkAll Collection templates
  • OkCustom playback minutes
  • OkCustom video quota
  • OkPersonal account representative
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