Fact: most video platforms for business still kinda stink.

We built Andoto from the ground up with your business objectives in mind.

We're no stranger to the video industry. In fact, our founder, Dave Kiss, has been making videos ever since he was a strapping young lad with hair that would make any child of the seventies proud.

In 2012, Dave switched gears and started building web apps to serve the needs of businesses using online video.

Our previous app was an integration for another well-known video hosting platform; it's currently used on over 15,000 websites, and it's what inspired us to start Andoto in 2019.

Oh yeah. Long hair, pro video cameras, and Etnies, way back in 2005

While working on that project, we kept running into a lot of recurring issues and common questions.

Why are my videos taking so long to load and play back?
Isn't there a way to tag my videos and allow viewers to search through those tags?
How can I tell which videos that specific customers of mine have watched?
Can I add annotations to help direct my viewers further down my funnel?

Rather than limit ourselves to the confines of existing solutions, we decided to take action –– and rethink what online video for businesses should look like in 2020.

Video players should do so much more than just play back your videos.

Smooth video playback, closed captions, and brandable players should be the expected baseline for online video.

Outstanding customer support is paramount to the success of both of our businesses.

Things don't always go the way you've planned. It's important to know that someone has your back when you need it the most.

Access to your videos should be secure by default.

You should have complete control over who has access to your video content.

Let's talk about your video needs.

Contact us today and let's take your online videos to the next level.

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