Add more value to your deliverables.

Your video package can include more than just exports.
Easily drive business results for your clients' videos
with just a few clicks.

Provide more services for your clients

Your clients trust you with telling their story –– then cross their fingers and hope the video you've produced has an impact their business.

Become an integral part of their entire video marketing process by extending your services beyond production with a few simple steps.

Effective Video Embeds

Here's a little secret: there's so much more that your clients can do with their videos rather than just embedding them on their site and hoping someone clicks play.

Our video player helps to connect the message in your clients' videos with the objectives of their business, growing their leads and converting them into paying customers.

Help your clients understand that their video content can be more effective if not just placed in a YouTube or Vimeo player.

Create Loyal Customers

With Andoto, you can cultivate loyal customers by ensuring your videos will have a measurable impact on their business revenue.

Not only will you gain satisfied repeat customers, but you'll increase the value of the services you provide, leaving more money in your pocket – it's a win-win.

Enterprise-grade Analytics

Prove the ROI in your marketing strategy using our in-depth analytics with custom reporting.

Our software tracks video player events and playback benchmarks, viewer geolocation, user agent + devices, referral and embed domains, video action clickthrough/conversion rates, and viewer information with custom implementation.

Signed Playback™

It's not enough to host your videos in a public setting without the option of identity access control. That's why we verify and ensure that your viewers are authorized to access your content according to your preferences on each and every request.

Secure and Distributed

We use enterprise-grade Amazon AWS servers to make sure your files are secure and delivered with optimal performance.

The Amazon CloudFront content delivery network (CDN) is massively scaled and globally distributed. The CloudFront network has 187 points of presence (PoPs), and leverages the highly-resilient Amazon backbone network for superior performance and availability for your end users.

Our primary CDN serves videos from four continents with additional edge servers in over 50 major cities around the world.

Availibility Control

The data you store with us is protected against accidental destruction or loss.

The measures we and our partners implement to assure data security (physical/logical) include:

  • Backup procedures allowing for (at least) daily backups
  • Data stored in highly redundant third party cloud services
  • Firewall policies that only allow internal access to data
  • Disaster recovery plan

Innovative lead capture forms

Take a proactive approach to building your leads by displaying your forms at the right time during your message.

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CTAs that work

No more tired exit-intent popups or right-corner clutter. Use our professionally-designed CTAs in sync with your video message and watch your clickthrough rates skyrocket.

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Process real-time payments

Our player integrates directly with the world's best e-commerce platforms, allowing your customers to purchase products right from the video player.

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Initiate live chats

Establish better relationships by reaching out to your viewers and starting a conversation while they're engaging with your content.

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Integrates with your most used services

Our seamless integrations are built to share data within your existing setup.

Customizable to match your brand

Don't get locked in to the look and feel of other companies. Our player can be themed to perfectly match your brand guidelines.

Want a closer look?

We're happy to show you around. Pick a time that's convenient for you and let's talk.

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